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We are an affordable credit repair and restoration company. We are based in Tampa, FL. We have been proudly serving the United States for over 12 years.

How It Works

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Clean up Your Past

We work with the credit bureaus and your creditors to challenge the negative report items that affect your credit score.

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Track Your Present

Easy access to your credit reports 24/7 for status updates and to view improvements.

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Change Your Future

We’ll maximize your score so you can achieve your goals and learn how to maintain your awesome credit long after our work is done.


  • John was amazing and was able to raise my credit over 100 points in just a short amount of time. All my collections are gone, and now I am able to purchase a new home. Thank you John!

  • Elite Credit Solutions, more over, John Bach, has been supporting me for 5 years. From dire straights to financial freedom, John has held my hand the whole way. For me, this has meant more than I can really honor with words. From a young age I have always associated money issues with trauma. Things that happened to my family and choices that my folks made heavily affected me at time when that was the last thing I should have been worrying about. Having someone to support and explain the daunting nuances of credit reports, debt collection, credit report accounts, inquires, soft pulls, hard pulls, fraudulent activity and credit bureau worst practices etc., made something so anxiety inducing and painful (I hated opening my mail, let alone checking the darn mailbox) , a tolerable and eventually stress-free event! John is patient, diligent, and honest and more responsive and encouraging than any consultant I've ever worked with on ANYTHING! I would have paid 3x as much for the value I received, and you probably will any place else. The notion of "Credit Repair" tends to be spoken about with skepticism. When I hear that kind of talk, I know that the people who are repeating that, have clearly never worked with Elite Credit Solutions nor met a stand-up guy like John Bach.

    Honestly, if you're on the fence, stressed out and don't know where to begin with your credit repair journey, take the plunge with this firm. There's no risk and you won't regret it!

  • John has gone so far as to pick up my mail when i couldn't walk . He is far better than lexington credit and brought my credi from a 470 yo 680 in a reasonable amount of time . My daughters is now working with him . John has do far mor than I thought possible . It just required some patients

  • I highly recommend Elite Credit Solutions! This company is perfect for anyone looking to boost their credit score! I had a great experience and John was extremely helpful and knowledgeable! You can tell John is very dedicated to helping each of his customers! He charges a reasonable price and is willing to work with you through payment arrangements. John answers any questions you have right away. Before the help of John I was having trouble buying a home because my score wasn’t were it needed to be but John really helped me improve my credit score and now I qualify for a home loan. You definitely should give John a call because you will be happy with the results! Thank you John I appreciate all of your help!

  • Outstanding follow-up and communication. I know they probably have many customers, but the whole time I’ve worked with Elite Credit Solutions, they not only did well on my credit, but they made me feel I was the only customer. I truly felt they valued my business. The follow-up and communication they provided was amazing. They even gave me a lot of advice about how to build my credit in the future. First class company all the way!

  • I highly recommend Elite Credit Solutions! John really helped me boost my credit score! Thank you!

  • I definitely recommend Elite Credit Solutions! John was very professional and did an excellent job! John really helped me boost my credit score so I was able to buy a new car. He explains everything thoroughly to his clients and answers any questions you have throughout the process. You can definitely tell that John cares about his clients! Thank you so much John!!!

  • My Husband & I have both been extremely pleased with the services provided by Elite Credit Solutions!

    Thanks to John & all of his expertise in credit repair, my credit score went from 522 to 802!! John coached us every step of the way throughout the entire process, including guidance on how to continue to keep our scores high even after our credit repair was completed! John takes the time needed to provide personalized attention to each of his clients! He’s kind & truly committed to helping others succeed in improving their credit reports. We’re extremely excited to share our great news, we’re closing on our first home next week ~ Thank you John for helping make our dreams come true!!!

  • John was a true professional to work with. I can't thank him enough for going above and beyond to make me feel comfortable throughout the process while answering all of my questions. He disputed all of my challenges and even included other derrogatory inquires for removal with no additional cost. His experience and expertise in the credit restoration phase is second to none. What really makes his services stand out is how personable he is and how determined he is to leave you better then how he found you. Much appreciated.

  • I recently got a divorce. My attorney really did not represent me well, as I had a lot of unresolved derogatory accounts that we opened while we were married. Elite did a wonderful job working to clean up my credit. My sister had used this company before, but I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into. They truly took ownership in my goals and communicated with me throughout the process. I’m very happy to be going forward in my new single life with much better credit.

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Credit Consultation

We want to learn about the credit challenges you've gone through in the past. We will educate you on the different types of credit repair that is available in the industry. We will explain our disputing process and how this sets us apart from any other company. We want to understand your future goals. We plan to own your goals and work together with you to, not only achieve them, but to exceed them.

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In-Depth Credit Analysis

Your personal credit profile is a lot like your personal signature. It is unlike your spouse's, your relatives, or anyone else you know. It's
specific to you and is supposed to accurately demonstrate your past credit history. We will thoroughly review your credit file, explain to you the items that are hurting your scores, and how much they are hurting you. Approximately 90% of America has errors on their credit report. By working with you, we will prepare an action plan to get these items corrected and address any account or items that is currently holding your scores down.

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Credit Recommendations

The FICO score calculation is made up of 5 categories. Credit repair is not one of them. We will raise your scores by getting deletions and updates throughout the disputing process. You can't achieve your goals without addressing the challenges of the past. We will review the various types of accounts that make up your credit profile. If you are lacking in any of the 5 categories, we will share activities that you can be working on while we are working on your past credit history. At the end of the program, we want to ensure that you won't just have average credit. Our goal is to get your scores as high as possible.



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